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Makeup Artistry

Introducing Natalie Rubio, Makeup Artist

Contact Imagine Peace Studio today to book an appointment with this talented Makeup Artist!

“My name is Natalie Rubio and I am an active Makeup Artist practicing my craft in the Chicagoland area. I provide a diverse array of services to highlight and maximize your true and unique beauty. My experience spans different skin color, gender, age, skin conditions and problems.

I developed an early appreciation for the beauty industry, attending beauty school immediately after high school, and received my Cosmetologist license in 2007. To date I possess over eight years of salon experience. I spent two years as a hair stylist before specializing in the field of Makeup Artistry.

I have an abundance of personal experience with skin care and skin treatments to offer my clients. I battled severe acne for years, eventually resorting to the powerful drug, Accutane. Throughout my “acne years” I frequented Med Spa in Lincoln Park, Chicago. At the medical spa I received TCA peels (one type of potent chemical peel) as well as laser treatments (to kill acne bacteria and prevent scarring). I was also educated in techniques to prevent premature skin aging (with the right products, as well as Botox injections).

With my problem skin, makeup not only became a beauty enhancer for me, but a necessity. Through dealing with my own skin issues, I mastered the art of concealing my own flaws with makeup. Now I want to exercise my passion for enhancing beauty with makeup with my clients.

My love and respect for the field of beauty continues to grow. In January of 2009 I spent approximately a month specializing in Print and Media Makeup at the Award Studio in Burbank, CA. There I learned proper application, including Airbrush makeup for many occasions (i.e. bridal, modeling and special occasion). On my last two days with Award Studio we completed a Beauty and Fashion Makeup photo shoot, affording us hours of hands-on experience working with a professional photographer.

Since returning to Chicago, I have continued to increase my experiences in the field of Makeup Artistry. Some of my recent accomplishments include:

March, 2009 - I worked as Makeup Artist for Executive Vice President and Group CEO for NiSources business segment, Eileen Odum, when she appeared on television’s local news show.

January of 2010 - I participated in the Aveda-sponsored Intercoiffure Nouveau, 2010 in which I represented “new talent” from across the United States. I did makeup for a handful of models whose pictures were then sent to Las Vegas (some of which won the competition).

I am particularly proud of the makeup application I did for the Imagine Peace Studio Team photo shoot. It was a blast bringing out these lovely ladies’ natural beauty!

Slideshow of photographs coming soon!

Over the past year I have focused upon Bridal and Special Occasion makeup. Having done makeup for several dozen wedding parties (most on location) I am hoping to start my own business as a “traveling” makeup artist. I also plan on establishing my own shop for local clients, catering to their formal occasion needs and beauty concerns.

I have tried hundreds of products on myself and close clients in pursuit of the best of the best for all skin types and lifestyles.

I have dabbled myself in every nook and cranny of this industry, in hopes of making YOU an even BETTER version of yourself. After all, if you’ve got it, flaunt it. And if you don’t I’ll teach you how to fake it.”

~Natalie Rubio: Imagine Peace Studio Makeup Artist

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