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Tuesday - Noon - 9 PM
Wednesday - Noon - 9 PM
Thursday - Noon - 9 PM
Friday - Reserved for special occasion hair and make-up. Please call studio for more information.
Saturday - 9 AM - 4 PM
Sunday & Monday - Closed

pm focus

Dare to dream all the
dreams that you may with
your head in the clouds
at the dawn of the day
for its there where the
imagination can soar and
the heart of the Dreamer
shall live forever.

Step Back In Time

I recently heard an advertisement on the radio for Connor Prairie and it took me back to a long-passed weekend my husband and I spent in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Just a short drive outside Indianapolis is an outdoor interactive living history museum. It recreates life in Indiana in the 19th century on the White River. Staff in period costumes demonstrate the way early inhabitants in the area lived. They explain their lifestyle in character while performing chores such as cooking, chopping wood, tending animals, making candles and pottery. Patrons are often invited to join in.

The museum’s newest exhibition opened in June 2011. The 1863 Civil War journey: Morgan Raid, with live action, video and interaction activities. If you enjoy history, Connor Prairie is worth the drive. It also has special events and school field trips.

Connor Prairie is located at 13400 Allisonville, Fishers, Indiana. Visit their website to learn more and see special events.


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